Productive Inbox makes it easy
to manage your daily tasks directly from your Gmail inbox.
It’s time to stop using multiple calendars, alerts, and task managers to manage your to-do’s. Get Productive Inbox – the Google Chrome Gmail extension that makes task management ridiculously simple.
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Save Time by Doing What Comes Naturally

Most task management tools are born from the same theory: That you shouldn’t manage your to-do’s from your email inbox.

But there’s one big problem with that theory: You DO manage tasks from your email inbox.

Most tasks originate from incoming emails, so no matter what anyone says, it feels natural to manage them there.

Brilliance in Simplicity

So why try to push the river?

Go with the flow and manage your tasks quickly and efficiently right from your Gmail inbox.

Productive Inbox creates an easy-to-use sidebar in the same window as your Gmail.

  • Add a task.
  • Add task from your email.
  • Cross off completed tasks.
  • Edit or delete task.

This allows you to easily schedule and organize your new tasks in your Gmail inbox - the place where most of those tasks originate.

You’ll no longer have to deal with separate web pages, or a special piece of software to install to manage your tasks.

Productive Inbox lives right in your Gmail inbox, so you can manage tasks from the place where you're naturally going to be anyway.

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One Click Task Creation

Productive Inbox installs in mere seconds – and there’s no confusing configuration process. There aren’t even any settings! You’ll literally be managing your tasks from your Gmail inbox within seconds of installing it. It’s an amazingly simple tool that pays big dividends in increased productivity and saved time.

With a single click, Productive Inbox will create a task for you from any email. The task list will order itself in relation to how close you are to the deadline. So when you have a task that is due several weeks into the future, you’ll see it becoming more and more prominent on the list as the due date approaches. The most pressing tasks are always at the top.

And if you need more information about any project, just click on the task in the Productive Inbox sidebar, and it will open up the email that created it.

It really couldn’t be any easier to use.

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Great tools should eliminate steps, not add them
Productivity for Pennies a Day

Productive Inbox is the newest Google Chrome productivity extension that allows you to…

  • Manage your tasks effectively from your Gmail inbox.
  • Be productive by staying in the window you’re already working in instead of clicking away to use other tools.
  • Create tasks from emails in one click.
  • Create your own custom tasks.
  • Automatic prioritization of tasks by date.

And all for just about 16 cents a day. That’s $5 per month.

That’s one cup of fancy coffee or one low-end fast food value meal. Not much of a price to pay for increased productivity and saved time.

Get Productive Inbox today – and feel the flow of productivity.

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